Why isn't my calendar feed updating?

You've subscribed to a Joi calendar feed, made some changes to your event but they're not showing up in your calendar — what gives?

Here are some tips to make sure you're all up to date.

Refreshing a calendar feed in Mac Calendar ›

Refreshing a calendar feed in Microsoft Outlook ›

Refreshing a calendar feed in Google Calendar ›

Refreshing a calendar feed in Mac Calendar

The simplest way to refresh your Mac Calendar is to use the keyboard shortcut Command + R or click View › Refresh Calendars.

Even better than that, you can increase the auto-refresh fequency. The default when adding a calendar is every week, but you can change that to as frequently as every 5 minutes.

Change the auto-refresh fequency of a Mac Calendar

  1. Right/control + click on the calendar subscription you'd like to edit
  2. Change the Auto-refresh setting to your preferred frequency

Hit OK and you're done! Your calendar subscription will now update in a much more timely manner.

Refreshing a calendar feed in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook.com doesn't allow you to change the refresh frequency of the calendar, but the Outlook Windows app does. The calendar refresh frequency is tied to the Send & Receive setting. You can adjust this setting by going to File › Options › Advanced.

Refreshing a calendar feed in Google Calendar

Google does not provide a way to adjust the refresh frequency of a calendar feed, nor do they provide a way to manually refresh. Google's help documentation says an update may take up to 12 hours. Our own testing revealed that it was usually less than this, but occasionally would take longer — up to 24 hours.