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    Creating a Performer Brief

    Create and share comprehensive Performer Briefs, giving your performers, speakers, presenters or entertainers all the...

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    Collating Performer and Session Details

    Collating performer and session details for the published program could not be quicker or easier.

    User Guide

    Building the perfect conference program

    learn how Joi event planning software assists you in every phase when building and then delivering your conference...

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    How to use the On Site Schedule

    Create and share run sheets, or on site schedules, in a mobile friendly format via URLs so the information is never out...

    User Guide

    Program vs On site schedule

    A quick overview of the information you should put into your event program or agenda verses the information you should...

    User Guide

    How to build a program

    User Guide on how to build a program [AKA agenda or event schedule] that you can publish to a website with inbuilt...

    User Guide

    Creating your first event in Joi

    Explainer presentation on how to create your first event in Joi

    User Guide

    A quick overview of Joi

    Joi event planning software will reduce the time you spend on event documentation by over 50%.

    WEBINAR: Become a Scheduling Superhero

    Anyone can have their own Joi schedule in their calendar — fully controlled by you.

    How to embed a program into a WordPress website

    In this guide, learn how to embed your published program from Joi into a WordPress website.